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Cataract surgery

Sophie had hereditary juvenile cataracts. Her owners elected cataract surgery to restore her vision. These pictures show Sophie before and after her cataract is removed. Today, Sophie is visual and enjoys playing with her Mom and Dad.
Ocular Acupuncture

Ezzy has a painful condition called "Dry Eye" in which she does not produce enough tears to lubricate her eyes. It can lead to excessive discharge from the eyes, corneal ulcers, and infections. Acupuncture relieves pain, decreases the inflammation and discharge, and can help stimulate tear production.
Penny had glaucoma in her left eye. Because Penny could no longer see out of this eye, and because it was painful for her, the eye was removed. Penny recovered quickly and is doing just fine.

Dr. Low's pets

Dr. Low is definitely an animal lover. She has 2 mules, 1 donkey, 2 dogs, 4 cats, chickens, 2 frogs, and 1 turtle.

Dr. Low at the 2009 Iditarod

Dr. Low has participated as a trail veterinarian for the Alaska Iditarod. for 3 years. "The dogs are amazing athletes and the mushers are great people to work with. It's a rewarding and wonderful experience." says Dr. Low.

Dr. Low and Rachael Scdoris chat before the start of the 2009 Iditarod. Rachael is a sled dog racer and tour operator from Bend, Oregon. She was born with a rare vision disorder called Congenital Achromatopsia, causing her acuity to be 20/200. She finished her first Iditarod in 2006, and recently finished the 2009 race.

Martin Buser gives his dogs a well deserved rest in Ophir, Alaska during the 2009 Iditarod. Martin ran his first Iditarod in 1980 and has since completed 27 Iditarods. He holds the record for the fastest Iditarod and has won the Leonhard Seppale award several times for the most humanitarian care of his team. He owns and manages Happy Trails Alaska in Big Lake, Alaska.

Dr. Low with Suzy Q

Little Suzy Q was painful in both eyes and had gone blind.  Eventually she had to have both eyes removed.  She is now a very happy, pain free little girl, and she looks great!

Dr. Low and Tamara

Tamara had a badly infected corneal ulcer.  After months of diligent treatment from her fantastic caretakers, the ulcer healed and Tamara is visual and comfortable.

Great Horned Owl

Dr. Low also helps treat various wildlife, like this Great Horned Owl who had likely been hit by a car and had sustained head and eye truama.

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